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Thursday, January 29, 2004

email minutiae: measurements

After we decided to go ahead and all was confirmed, before we could sign the final documents the solicitor said we needed to doublecheck the measurements. So, Mum and Dad did another trip up there, along with very long tape measures!

Mum's email about measurements - 29th Jan 2004

Measurements.. we ran out of time to do one of the short sides - it appears to be the same as the back side on map on titles office.

Long sides - uphill side we did in two bits and added together.

467.8 metres uphill side (west boundary)
468.9 metres downhill side (east boundary)
Average is 468.35 metres.

259.1 metres short side, (back side) (south boundary)

Area is 121349.485 square metres
Conversion from square metres to acres is 4046.9 sq m = 1acre (amazing what you can find on google and old exercise book backs)

so your area is 29.985787887024636141243915095505 acres.. I used the calculator on the computer..

I would think we had some small errors - we did allow for height so we were measuring, we intended, the base not hypotenuse but had to gauge that height to hold it up by eye -we used a plumb bob to get the vertical but then eye to work out how high. And the tape measure was 20m and would have had a slight sag in it. Also, the front boundary may have been an inch or so different. Amazing the two side ones show different on map but end up being only 1.1m different on the ground!

So I think you may call it 30 acres with confidence.

The coordinates on the map are, of your shorter side on the title office map, a difference of 9 seconds. Using radius of earth 6378.1km (thanks google) and pi as 22/7 (not accurate enough) I got much less than measurement. Either I made a mistake or the map has approx coords.. gave me about 300m. Hopefully you and Dave can work it out using radians not pi; I have forgotten that!

Dogs loved it, ran and ran all over, swam in dam, and a hidden dam down in forest just off your south end of west side - almost right on the corner. Exhausted, as it took two hours.. fell into car and slept the whole way home. Took mnore photos.

Will tell you more later - we had a really nice day, exhausting though,and very much confirmed we like your place.

You have now a door per doorway.

Your neighbour down the front came out as we were sopeing the gate to go in - on a motorised wheelchair scooter - owns the horses, a few cows, sheep - hobby farm.. rides still, said he was rodeo rider and singer.. I knew his name.. Tex Williams. Has a recording studio he said there still - has lived there 5 years now. Seemed nice.

Came back, dinner at Mike and Margaret's.

VERY tired.

Measurements of house, windows and so on later. Possibly Tuesday.

{And here are some pictures of that measuring trip, including showing the "hidden dam" that they discovered. We've since found out it is called Snake Dam for reasons I don't like to think about.}

back corner in south east, showing trees from state forest

measuring back boundary; looking to the east

this is the hidden dam in the state forest, it is not our land, but it is just behind it

My reply incl visit to Isle of Wight where we saw 30 acres!! - 29th Jan 2004

Hi, thank you *so* much for going out to do this. I didn't realise we were going to have to measure it ourselves; last time I purchased houses I didn't, or at least don't remember having to. But with the forms from the solicitor this time there is something that I have to sign that explicitly says that I've measured it and accepted it is 30 acres. I'm glad to hear you still really like it. I can imagine the dogs would have had an absolute ball, I guess they don't often go places they can just run wild like that with so much open space. Dave said he has heard of Tex Williams, so that'll be interesting when we go back to visit.

This weekend we went down to the Isle of Wight and it was supposed to snow, but it didn't. There were some patches of snow on the ground in the New Forest on the way through (it had dumped down on Thursday apparently) but nowhere else. The forecast was for snow, and it was certainly cold enough, but in the event turned out to be a very cold but bright blue sky and sunny day, both days. Saturday morning on the way down we stopped in at a place near Southhampton to pick up those stained glass windows we won on Ebay. Then we drove through the New Forest and saw lots of those great ponies who all had shaggy coats! We looked out for the white donkeys we saw with Dad but didn't see them. Saturday afternoon we took Aunt Marion to Argos because she wanted to get a new solar pump for her fishpond, and then we just went driving along backroads eventually going to this place who's name I can't remember but it's something like Annelston Manor... it is no longer a manor house but instead has lots of little shops around a courtyard. In one of the shops I found some perfect things for Easter presents, so I bought them and you will get them next year! We went out for a great dinner Saturday night in the Red Lion pub in the village, that's the one Dad has been to, twice now.

Sunday we went out late morning with Aunt Marion to Appuldurcombe House near Ventnor which I'd never been to before http://www.appuldurcombe.co.uk/. It was just a ruin but interesting still because of it being on a smaller scale than the normal ruined houses you see. Also, what was particularly interesting were the gardens. It had an area of 11 acres enclosed with a stone fence, with the house inside and lots of trees and a big pond/fountain. It was huge! I hadn't realised 11 acres was so big! So that's brilliant, that means that 30 acres really is huge. Until today I'd had no idea really in my mind of how big it was. So that's great, we can really garden on a big scale, in fact as Dave explained it, once you get to around 10 acres you're almost designing a park rather than a garden! After that we meandered back to Aunty Marion's and she cooked us pizza and salad for a late lunch, before we rushed off to catch the 3.30pm ferry. We had a pretty good run back to London, only hold up was on the M25 where they're doing roadwork, but we got back home at 6.15. That's 3 hours door to door which is pretty good especially for a Sunday afternoon... we did it in 2.5 hours once but that was the middle of the night where there was zero traffic. Sometimes it is 3.5 and even 4 hours, so I was glad to get back quickly.

Mum's next email with more measurements - 30th Jan 2004

Room sizes.
Ceiling height 3.5m

Stand at front door and look out. Rooms on left are 3830 mm wide , passage 1420mm wide, rooms on right are 3830 thought one came up 3840! Dad said there was a bigger gap somewhere.

Left hand side rooms - front one is 4270 long, back one 4270 long. Right hand side - front room 5500 mm and the back one 4685.

Ceiling joists 5*1.5 oregon 100mm studs. I got the impression that was standard! and the wall thickness is standard too, 100mm???

Back part of roof does have a valley in middle, running down centre of passage.

will get a spreadwheet gong and show you but not here - you will see it in a photo anyway, took one from the back side showing the falling down bit.

Oh here goes.. ridges of roof = the high bits.. Right hand side - runs full length, front to back, with centre exactly a quarter way into building (ie half one side, when you add half the passage width, wall width, room width, and wall width and eaves...)

Left hand side of roof - roof ridge runs at right angles across the front room, so it ties in nicely at front - you will see it in photos.. and then at the back, over the back room, it runs parallel to the opposite side ridge.. looks like a W upside down from the back, with valley over the centre of passage from about half way along passage.

Must get moving for work.

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